Current Participants


The Mutaba’ah Study is well accepted by the population with a very low refusal rate. Invitation for participation is limited to the Emirati population.

The study will recruit all pregnant women from this population as well as their offspring who are:

  1. Attending any of the three participating hospitals for their antenatal care management
  2. At least 18 years of age
  3. Resident in Al Ain
  4. Ideally in their first trimester (approximately 12 weeks of gestation)
  5. Able to provide informed consent, as well as their newborns
  6. Women with multiple pregnancies (pregnant with more than one fetus)
  7. Those who conceive multiple times during the study period

The study will not recruit

  1. Expatriates as they are less likely than the Emirati population to be available for long-term follow-up
  2. Pregnant women younger than 18 years or those who are unable to provide consent
  3. Women who are not currently pregnant