Who We Are

The Research Team

The Mutaba’ah Study is led by a team of researchers from the Institute of Public Health (IPH) at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). IPH is home to many world-class research programs with both national and international collaborations. It is embedded within the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS), the first and highest ranked medical school in the United Arab Emirates.

Research Team:

  1. Dr. Luai Ahmed (Principal Investigator)
  2. Dr. Tom Loney (Co-Investigator)
  3. Dr. Rami Al Rifai (Co-Investigator)
  4. Dr. Iffat ElBarazi (Co-Investigator)
  5. Ms. Souha Alabboud (Project Coordinator)
  6. Dr. Nasloon Ali (Co-Investigator)
  7. Dr. Maryam Bashir (PhD Student)
  8. Mr. Sanju John Mathew (Data Engineer)